About Body Stress Release Foundation

The Body Stress Release Foundation is dedicated to helping individuals overcome the burdens of body stress using the gentle complementary health technique called Body Stress Release, pioneered by South African couple Ewald and Gail Meggersee in the 1980’s. With a compassionate approach and experienced team of practitioners, we strive to empower individuals to find relief, restore balance, and unlock their body’s innate healing potential.

Who We Are

The Body Stress Release Foundation was founded as a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) in 2019 to ensure the sustainability of the Body Stress Release Outreach programmes, as well as to sponsor qualifying students from communities around the world that would not otherwise have the financial means to study Body Stress Release.

The funds of the Body Stress Release Foundation will be used for the above purposes. No funds will be distributed to any person other than in the fulfilment of the aim and objectives of the Foundation. Our vision, aim and objectives are enshrined in our NPO Constitution. 

our vision

Our vision is to make Body Stress Release available to people across the world who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it. (For more information click on www.bodystressrelease.com)

Our Aim and Objectives

The BSR Foundation’s aim is to work towards the relief of pain and suffering, through the specific use of the BSR technique for disadvantaged communities.

The BSR Foundation’s objectives are:

  1. To improve mobility, ease discomfort and pain thereby improving the quality of life. This is achieved by releasing stored tension caused by physical and emotional stresses. BSR is made available to institutions and schools for the disabled or disadvantaged.
  2. Provide BSR support and assistance to care workers of these institutions and schools.
  3. The BSR Foundation will support the training of practitioners for this purpose through a bursary scheme.
  4. Raise funds for the fulfilment of the BSR Foundation.

How did we start?

BSR Outreach programmes were initially founded by passionate BSR practitioners who wanted to make BSR accessible to communities around the world. Although our Outreach programmes initially focused on working with disabled children from the previously disadvantaged communities in rural areas, the programmes have been expanded to urban areas as well.

One of our practitioners established a separate bursary fund in order to support students at the five month training course at the BSR Academy in the Garden Route in the Western Cape of South Africa. This bursary fund is now managed by the BSR Foundation (More information about the BSR Academy).

To find out more about our outreaches, click on the button below. 

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